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Dmitriy Iv. Melnikov (1923-1999)



Dmitriy Iv. Melnikov  (1923-1999)


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Melnikov Dmitrij Ivanovich (1923-1999).
Honored Artist of the Adygei Republic (Russia).

Melnikov Dmitrij Ivanovich was born on 22nd of August, 1923 in Maikop, Krasnodar Territory, USSR.

In 1941 Dmitrij Ivanovich went to the front of Wold War II. All four years of the Second World War he served in intelligence. Twice he was decorated with the Order of the Red Star, the 3th Class Order of Glory and other rewards for courage displayed during military operations.

Since 1950s he began his creative activities. Melnikov D. I. was a member of Artistsí Union of the USSR, a chairman of the Artistsí Union of the Adygei Republic.
Melnikov D. I. took part in many All-Union, Republican, Zone and Regional exhibitions. He was decorated with medals and diplomas for his creative activities.
Melnikovís paintings are exhibited in the museums of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Maikop, Krasnodar as well as in the galleries in the USA, Germany and other countries.

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