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Mikhail Sazhaev



Mikhail  Sazhaev


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Was born in 1948 in Gluhovo village, Sverdlovsk region (Russia). In accordance to different estimates he has created from 4 to 6 thousand works (painting, graphics, china, sculpture, collage, texts) during 30 years spread in 28 countries. Took part in more then 70 exhibitions. Now time he is a classic realism school painter. Has three premiums of three degrees in Gabrovo city biennale (Bulgaria), won a silver medal of graphics biennale in Ankona (Italy), honorable prize of Ninth (France), project “Real Russia” in Germany and German Government invitation to Eurokulttost, premium in Sophia (Bulgaria). Collections of his works are presented in Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and China. His book “Vague Notion Window” was edited in 1996 in the USA. Mostly lives in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Is a member of the Russia Painters Union.

Mikhail Sazhaev, Exhibitions:

1970-1981           Exhibitions in different cities of the USSR
1983                    Biennale in Gabrovo (Bulgaria). The Award of The Artists’
                            Union of  Bulgaria (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1985,87,89,91     Participation in the biennale in Gabrovo; a member of the hanging
                            committee. All the awards of biennale
1987-1988           Biennale in Ankon (Italy). Diploma, The Silver Plate (catalogue)
1989                    Exhibition of graphics in Prague (Czechoslovakia), “Prodejne
                            Vistava’ (catalogue)
1989                    Exhibition of graphics in Toronto (Canada), “New  Arts Gallery”
                            (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1989                    Exhibition of drawing in Madrid (Spain), Gallery “Tri Nikity”
                            (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1990                    Exhibition of graphics in Seoul (South Korea), (Catalogue,
                            periodicals coverage)
1991                    Exhibition in Pekin (China), The Soviet-Chinese Freindship Society
1991                    Exhibition of graphics in Rheden, Nantes (France), Gallery
                            “Cecile Lazieff”
1992                    Exhibition in Houston (USA), “SYLVIA WHITE GALLERY”
                            (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1993                    Exhibition of graphics in New York (USA), “Nakhamkin Gallery”
1993-1994           The Project “Real Russia”: painting, graphics. Berlin and Templin
                             (Germany), (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1993                     “Real Russia”: graphics. Pennsylvania (the USA), “EAST
                             NORINGTON TOWNSHIP PENSILVANIA”
1994                     Personal exhibition in Gabrovo (Bulgaria), (catalogue)
1995                     Project “Shaman”, Neerpelt (Netherland)
1996                     Project “ The snow and animals” Hartvord (USA)
1997                     Project “Snow Russian”, New York (USA), “Zalmann Gallery”
1998                     Project “Snow Russian”, Washington (The USA), “Harton Gallery”
1999                     Personal exhibition in the Cultures Fond of Russia, Moskow
2000                     Exhibition in the University (USA)

Mikhail Sazhaev, Exhibitions in Ekaterinburg (Russia):

1970-1978             “Underground” exhibitions at friends’ flats
Since 1978             Participation in municipal, regional, and zone exhibitions
                               (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1985                       Exhibition in the Regional Museum of Local Lore
                               (periodicals coverage)
1990                       Exhibition “Bath-houses, Swings, Rains” (periodicals coverage)
Since  1990            Several exhibitions in the Ural writers museum (periodicals
1994-1997              Exhibitions “Sazhaev & Co. Ural Christmas”. Museum
                               of Youth (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
1998                       Personal exhibition “Mikhail Sazhaev. 50. Middle of life”. The
                               House of Artists” (periodicals coverage)
2001                       Exhibition “Kid! It’s America”. The House of Actor
                               (periodicals coverage)
2001                       Exhibition “Sazhaev. Ekaterinburg-New York”. Sverdlovsk
                               Regional Museum of Local Lore” (Catalogue, periodicals
2002                       Exhibition “American Trio”. Museum of Photography
                               “Metenkov’s House” (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)
2002                       Exhibition-auction “Sazhaev & Co”. Belinsky library
                               (Catalogue, periodicals coverage)

Big Collections:

Collection of Sazhaevs family
Collection of V. P. Astafjev (Russia)
Collection of J. A. Aleshkovskij (USA)
Collection of Brodskij Foundation(USA)
Collection of E. S. Smirnov (USA)
Collection of Mikhail Barishnikov (USA)
Collection of S. I. Shkuratov (USA)
Collection of Solovjev (Belgium)
Collection of G. Larsson (Sweden)
Collection of V. Jazev (Russia)
Collection of J. Shapiro (Israel)
Collection “Eurocultost” (Germany)
Sazhaevs’ Fond in Gabrovo (Bulgaria)
Collection of G. N. Loginova (Russia)
Collection of C. Lazieff (France)
Collection of A. & S. Kokh (Switzerland)
Collection of “SKB-Bank” (Russia)
Collection of “Kredit Bank Ural” (Russia)
Sazhaevs’ Fond in Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore (Russia)
Museum of Graphics, Irbit (Russia)

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