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Vladimir Volosov



Vladimir Volosov


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Vladimir Volosov


Vladimir Volosov was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1937. Physicist by education, Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than 100 scientific papers. At the age of 50 has left scientific activity and completely devoted himself to painting. Author of several hundreds of works. Main direction in painting - lyrical realism. Volosov's road to art was long. For thirty years he was engaged in laser Physics and nonlinear optics, which was a forward edge of Physics. Before taking up a paintbrush he researched a physical nature of light. And then he made a sharp turn, having decided to "live a second life" - a life of a free artist. "My goal - to have time to realize all possibilities, everything given you by Nature" - he said. Painting is neither work nor rest for him - it is a joy. In each of his works he try to share this joy with of his paintings. In Nature he is looking for a motive consonant to his soul and then tries to reconstruct this motive on the canvas. When he achieves this - he is happy. Volosov's works are in galleries and private collections of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Israel, Japan.

1937 - was born in Leningrad
1960 - graduated from Electrotechnical Institute
1968 - defended the Candidate dissertation
1980 - defended thesis for a Doctor's degree
1984 - laureat of State prize
Since 1988 - has participated in artists exhibitions
1990 - has left scientific activity dedicated himself to painting
from 2011 - lives in USA, in Boston


One can find, though rarely, people for whom to live one life is not enough. And they manage to live several lives within the same God-given amount of time...
        "Business St.Petersburg" 28.01.97 Boris Mazo

"It is very bright, shiny painting... nowadays it is a little sun in cold water."
         "St.Petersburg Times" 10.08.94 Arthistorian J.Novikov

"The long dark corridor of the Municipal House suddenly became very light. It seemed like thirty windows were simultaneously opened letting the Fresh air to enter the bureacratie fortress. Karelian landscapes, lakes, groves and frameworks warmed up by the rays of the hot sun. Lyrical realism of Vladimir Volosov appeared like a magic crystall thanks to all the dark walls were brightened into rich natural colours."
         "St.Petersburg Text" June 1995 Arthistorian V.Okun'.

The Main exhibitions:

1989 - House of Scientists, Leningrad (Russia)
1991 - State University, Leningrad (Russia)
1991 - "The Spring Saloon" (Lenexpo), Leningrad (Russia)
1992 - Art gallery "Gordon-30", Tel-Aviv (Israel)
1993 - Russian art gallery, Helsinki (Finland)
1994 - "Zwei Welde- Eine Kunst", Juedische Galerie, Berlin (Germany)
1995 - Summer Garden, St.Petersburg (Russia)
1996 - Municipal House "Smol'niy", St.Petersburg (Russia)
1997 - Art gallery "Lavka Chudojnikov", St.Petersburg (Russia)
1998 - Art gallery "Art Service", Moscow (Russia)
1999 - Grand Hotel "Europa", St.Petersburg (Russia)
2001 - Art gallery "Art City ", St.Petersburg (Russia)
2002 - Art Gallery "Book World", Boston (USA)
2002 - Art Gallery "Cofe-Break", St.Petersburg (Russia)
2003 - "Business Center International", St.Petersburg (Russia)
2004 - Art gallery "Art City", St.Petersburg (Russia)

Literature about artist:

OnlineArt Gallery. Russian oil art online

Vladimir Volosov. Paintings. / Publishing house Kovheg, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, 2006, 136 p.

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